Homer and Kahle’s (1988) Cognitive Behaviour model states that in a human being, the values one holds dear will drive the attitude of the person. The attitude, in turn, will drive the outward behaviour which then creates an impact on the physical world.

We believe that in order for change to happen, a training program needs to cater to the 3 domains stated. That’s why people can go to a training, stating they have learned a lot of skills, yet we don’t see them applying it to their daily lives and tasks.

That is the approach we take when you contract us to support your leadership development initiatives in your organization. And that’s why we don’t have a menu of skills for you to pick and choose from in this category. Because we deal with what is really happening.

Our Design Approach
Our programs are not lecture based. All our instructional designs are based on Brain-based Learning methodologies and Experiential Learning as a foundation for maximum transference of learning. Skills taught are evidence or science based, from leadership frameworks such as The Leadership Challenge, Adaptive Leadership, etc, to micro-skills such as negotiation, listening, awareness (yes, awareness is a skill!), foresight, etc.

Here is an idea of what will happen in our partnership:

Stakeholder engagement, Planning and Design

We will be working in partnership with you to design the leadership development progression that will work for your organization in the present and the future. This could include doing an in-depth training needs analysis to running focus group discussions amongst your present leaders and upcoming ones to find out what they really need to level up their leadership game.

Based on the data and eventual learning objectives, we will design the program that is uniquely suited for your organizational needs. 

The Workshop/Program

We work with your leaders to create awareness on how your organizational values and their personal values drives their attitude, which in turn drives the way they use the skills effectively. We draw parallels to actual work situations such that they can transfer the application immediately to real life.


We will work with the relevant stakeholders to measure the training effectiveness of the program. This can come in the form of surveys or a series of mini coaching workshops over a short to long term period. This includes supporting your L/T&D function to design the rubrics necessary to create an unbiased measurement for analytics.

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