About OOPA!:
Our team

Gerauld Wong
aka the Founder

Gerauld Wong is the founder and principal facilitator of Oopa! Consulting.

He had been a Learning and Process Specialist since 2004, and he believes strongly that, “When you grow, your team grows”. His personal mission is “To Move People Forward” holistically, by driving awareness and igniting motivation within oneself.

Gerauld is a strong advocate of unconventional, albeit based on science, facilitation strategies to create engagement and deeper conversations, and value-based leadership development. The amalgamation of his diverse exposures and experiences allows him to pilot in a unique blend of learning and process delivery methods and techniques, that allows participants to engage in a way that is compatible with how their brains and hearts process data and information.

He had, over the years, presented at various conferences for facilitators on how he married process facilitation and experiential learning together to create a richer, and deeper conversation and learning.

Given his deep understanding of how team dynamics work, and what is required to create personal motivation for team members to perform at their peak potential, he works closely with management and their teams, to mould their working culture into one that is more flexible and agile.

Loh Teck Kwang

Teck Kwang is an Organizational Development (OD) Catalyst whose passion is to help organizations & people learn and grow. He has worked in this field for 17 years, and to date has helped more than 300 organizations in their developmental journey. He is also the founder of Centre of Learning Facilitation.

Teck Kwang is facilitative in his OD approach. He takes a practical approach with his clients. He works on real organization challenges, facilitates the problem solving process, and he helps clients reflect upon their learning along the way. His approach enables clients to apply their learning to applications beyond the project scope. Teck Kwang is known by clients to be effective in managing problems, training leaders, and in building strong and cohesive teams.

Lilian Wang

An internationally accredited master facilitator and an experienced executive coach.  Lilian had been designing and delivering leadership and coaching programmes, facilitating executive team off-sites, multi-stakeholder dialogues, strategic planning process and large-scale innovation workshops since 2006.

Her clients are mainly MNCs in the following sectors: energy, financial services, luxury goods, media, technology, and she works with groups of multi-cultural background across the globe. She also supports social enterprises and start-ups through consulting and facilitating incubation programmes, hackathon and community dialogues.

Always on the lookout for development opportunities, Lilian works towards integrating studies of east and west, such as mindfulness, process facilitation, integral theory, body-based release exercises into her coaching and facilitation practice. She partners with clients to develop dialogue processes that engage both head and heart, opening up space for understanding, connection and reconciliation with self and others

Michelle Ow

Michelle Ow has been in training and development since 1999, and continues to train and facilitate passionately.

Michelle firmly believes in using the experiential and interactive approaches in her training and engages her participants constantly throughout the programmes, either through activities or through thought-provoking questions, for conversation and discussions.

She also believes in taking a pause during the training to pen down thoughts, lessons and just allowing the brain to take time to absorb and learn.