Gerauld Wong is the founder and principal facilitator of Oopa! Consulting.

He had been a Learning and Process Specialist since 2004, and he believes strongly that, “When you grow, your team grows”. His personal mission is “To Move People Forward” holistically, by driving awareness and igniting motivation within oneself.

Gerauld is a strong advocate of unconventional, albeit based on science, facilitation strategies to create engagement and deeper conversations, and value-based leadership development. The amalgamation of his diverse exposures and experiences allows him to pilot in a unique blend of learning and process delivery methods and techniques, that allows participants to engage in a way that is compatible with how their brains and hearts process data and information.

He had, over the years, presented at various conferences for facilitators on how he married process facilitation and experiential learning together to create a richer, and deeper conversation and learning.

Given his deep understanding of how team dynamics work, and what is required to create personal motivation for team members to perform at their peak potential, he works closely with management and their teams, to mould their working culture into one that is more flexible and agile.