1. Personally, this program had showed me that in this challenging and changing times (Covid19 pandemic), to achieve training excellence (using new platform eg Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype etc. ) , I must continue with my learning, have an attitude that is constantly reflecting, searching for deeper understanding, exploring options, seeking solutions , so I can add meaning to training and imparting knowledge to my colleagues.
  2. I also enjoyed the program, as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with old, meet new faces (I think I’m the old one in this cohort) and have a chat on their respective roles.
  3. Did the program meet my expectations? Like Simon Cowell (AGT), a YES for me! Before I start this program, I thought it was just another MOI. When I checked in, I felt that there was collective goal and collective spirit amongst my fellow cohort mates – it resonated with me. Being around like-minded people was incredibly inspiring and I felt connected. This training validates me as a Manager, Coach, Trainer and I’m up-skilled in using Zoom 🙂

Thank you Gerauld! God Bless.